Another view of the countryside

The new project, “Another view” has certainly stirred my interest in the visual representation of landscape. Just read “Reframing the new topographics” edited by Greg Foster-Rice and John Robrach, which is pertinent to the way we look at landscape now particularly the chapter by Finis Dunaway, “Beyond wilderness, Robert Adams, New Topographics and the aesthetics of ecological citizenship”

Living in a national park means I am surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscape in the UK yet I feel great unease about the way that images are used to sell this area. The notion of pristine landscape is invoked to attract an increasing number of visitors but the vast numbers are destroying what they come to see. And this is not pristine landscape, it has been formed by thousands of years of human activity, yet the majority of images of ‘the Peak’ depict a perfect landscape devoid of people.