Hand engraving a silver tray

An early project looked at the hidden nature of work of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter which was being transformed from production of jewellery to retail of imported items. The area consisted of many crafts people working in an informal mutually supportive environment. Soon after the old way of working disappeared.

Kate, 75 years, picking heads off tulips, Lincolnshire. Farmwork.

Kate, 75 years, picking heads off tulips, Lincolnshire.

The Farmwork project documented modern agricultural work. At the time farming was the second biggest industry in the UK next to North Sea oil yet the work was hidden and it was unusual to see people working on the land. This leads to a false view that nothing much happens in the countryside and contributes to the alienation of the population from the land. This is reputed to be the largest documentation of British Agriculture since the 1940s.


Mobile hardware shop in a Warwickshire village

The construction of the M40 motorway extension of Birmingham cut right through the heart of landscape that I knew so well. It also further emphasised my interest in the way that land is used and of the changes that we inflict upon ourselves.

Later commercial work included freelance photojournalism for UK newspapers including the fall of the Berlin wall in November 1989 plus photography and articles for magazines in the UK, US and Australia.