Image and sound

I have been interested in the relationship between still images and sound for many years. A few years back I worked on a “photo film” what would have been known as an audio-visual presentation before digital imaging. In the 1980s audio visual was part of my professional work when AVs were used by organisations instead of videos.

Things have changed a lot in 30 years! No more banks of projectors rippling through 35mm colour slides, you would not believe the noise! And high quality audio recording and editing is so much easier in the digital age.

Recently I have become aware of the mismatch between landscape images and the ‘soundscape’ that accompanies them. Often the image of the beautiful scene is taken amongst the sound of tourism; dogs barking, kids yelling, traffic noise, ice cream vans and the general noise that lots of people make. Play that over the landscape and it kills the tranquillity of the image.

As an offshoot, I have started to hear more, strange really because I guess we all think we can hear what is going on around us. But there is redundancy, the shutting out of ‘noise’. Earlier this week I heard an amazing song from a Blackbird. I have not heard a song like that for 20+ years and never one with such an extended repertoire. I hope you enjoy it.



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