I am interested is the relationship of people to landscape. Recently the emphasis has shifted to the deeper aspects of how we use the land for everything that sustains us. This has caused a move towards ideas of dependence and exploitation of the Earth.

My last project “Quarried” looked at the need to mine and quarry minerals for buildings. For every construction project, there is a hole in the ground that supplied the materials. It is a simple dependent relationship.

The focus of my next project will be the effects of climate on the land and how it will alter the way we live. This will include photography and sound recordings and use a variety of media channels.

Living in a small rural community in the Peak District caused me to question how the countryside is represented in terms of modern photography and popular culture. I am interested in how a particular and incomplete image of the English landscape is used to sell and promote rural life and visits to the countryside particularly national parks.

From 'Quarried'

From ‘Quarried’

See the Quarried page for more images and information.

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