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“Forces of nature”

I watched Brian Cox presenting “Forces of Nature” on BBC1 last night. As ever it was a totally captivating explanation of science from a charismatic ‘expert’. Towards the end of the programme he went to Iceland where a guy had found a hot water vent in the sea. It was not in very deep water and he was able to dive to it and take a water sample. Cox used the sample to demonstrate a theory of how life on Earth began. The vent emits alkaline fresh water into the sea. Cox showed that by using seawater and the fresh water from the vent that electricity could be generated. He explained that it was due to proton exchange between the different chemical compositions of fresh and sea water. His theory is that that is life on Earth began.

The programme can be seen here for the next 29 days

One his final remarks sums up reason for my work; “we are of the Earth.” We rely on it for everything that we need to live. What we do leaves marks, sometime subtle sometimes brutal. That is what drives my photography – a fascination with human interaction with the land, the Earth and life.