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Adapt or die?

In “Bending the frame; photojournalism, documentary and the citizen” Fred Ritchin says that photographers have to adapt or die, i.e. we have to embrace digital technology and accept that there new ways of making and using photographs. The book is an interesting read and is available from the Aperture book shop here

He says is that the old days of photojournalism where staff photographers worked for a publication taking photographs for articles or news pages are over. With newspapers sacking their photographers and giving camera phones to reporters there is evidence that major changes are afoot!

Of course this applies mainly to commercial photojournalism but does it also impact on not-for-profit documentary photographers? If we have something to say and want to reach a wide audience then we need to use ways of showing/publishing our work that fits with modern culture. It might even be more interesting and more fun!

This infographic shows just how things have changed.

Smile for the Cell Phone! – New Photography Trends

Infographic by Visual News