Salgado’s advice to young photographers

“If you’re young and have the time, go and study. Study anthropology, sociology, economy, geopolitics. Study so that you’re actually able to understand what you’re photographing. What you can photograph and what you should photograph.”

Sebastião-Salgado-6 (Image from:

For me photography has always been a medium for expressing ideas and feelings about a subject. That involves research and understanding about what is being photographed. The other side is understanding the medium enough to get the shots that you see. It is not an easy process, nor is it instant, but if you want good pics that speak to people then do the work.

The message is study your subject to gain knowledge and, I would add, study photography to know how to communicate what you feel. Having been round a few photography degree shows recently it was obvious which courses encouraged students to do just that.

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