The project aimed to confront the dominant view of the Peak District by making images of sites thought to despoil the landscape. I feel it is important to show all aspects of the countryside to produce a more rounded view of an area that is constantly changing. I also wanted to challenge notions of the pristine and natural which pervade the visual depiction of ‘The Peak’.

Quarries are part of the landscape made by the way we live. They are a potent symbol of consumption and ‘progress’. They exist purely to provide building materials for roads, railways, shops, offices, houses and other buildings. They serve as a visual reminder of the choices we make and of our relationship to the land that sustains us.

The “Quarried” exhibition consisted of 10, high resolution prints 1200mm x 800mm, mounted on Diabond. It was shown at Buxton Museum and Art gallery from 6 February – 10 April 2016. The complete exhibition was purchased by the Museum & Art Gallery for their permanent collection in December 2016.

The exhibition received much critical acclaim from the media and visitors. Including:

“Outstanding attention to detail! Looks almost 3D.”

“Impressive, beautiful photography”

“Superb photographs, a fascinating insight into a world few see”

“An important and provocative exhibition”

“Absolutely mind blowing!”

“Brilliant, would like them on my wall”


“I really wanted to touch, wonderful portrayal of texture”

“Beautiful images, look like paintings”

“I think you have captured an abstract beauty”

“Wonderful photographs and perfect prints”


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Artist’s statement

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