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Communicating climate change, a plea for help

I am struggling to find a way to say what I feel about the huge threat we face from climate change. For me it is not about arguing the science but about showing what it will mean to our everyday lives.

In the UK there are many areas that are prone to changes in sea level. Some are sparsely populated while other sites, like London, are densely populated.

My initial thoughts are to keep the project flexible so that it can be shown in many different ways. That means juggling different media and then trying to integrate them in some way

I do not want to get into doom and gloom, but I do want to find a way of showing the material that grips the viewer, whoever that might be.

So, is it still photography, with/without sound? Stills with text, although I do not think people will read more than an extended caption? Video? Sound recordings? Or a combination of them all?

Links to anybody else that has done similar work, not necessarily of the same subject, will be much appreciated. Thanks


Skylarks on the marshes

I was in Norfolk photographing an area near the Wash when I came across a field full of Skylarks. Not seen or heard them for many years and their beautiful, endlessly varied song is just magical. Need to go back with a decent mic and blimp as it is always windy!