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Residency – AA2A

3294_c1-sLast month I applied for a place on the Artists Access to Art Colleges scheme and have been accepted by Sheffield Hallam University. It means I have access to the facilities in the new Sheffield Institute of Arts for this academic year.

It is a wonderful opportunity to do some experimental work on alternative ways of printing and showing photographs. I hope this will lead to an exhibition maybe in late 2017 or 2018.

Today I made a print on fabric, 1350mm wide by 2020mm long,  of a miner I photographed in 2013. It took almost an hour to print. The print still has to be steamed to fix the dye to the fabric but from what I saw coming off the printer it looked good. More later.


1886 meets 2016

A couple of months back a friend gave me a box of unwanted darkroom stuff. Looking through it and came across an antique printing frame for half-plate negatives, 4¾ × 6½ inches or 120 × 165mm.

Looking in more details there are a couple of small dials with movable pointers labelled “Required” with marks at 3,6,9,12,18,21,24, possibly hours? And “Printed” with a range of 1 to 12. The date on the metalwork is 1886.

I have cleaned it up and intend using for Cyanotypes and other similar process. It will also act as a pattern for making larger frames. I am struck by the fusion of digital technology, which makes producing the negatives easy, and old equipment and processes which go back to beginning of photography.