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Please help to get the “Quarried” exhibition shown. Buxton Museum and Art gallery are exhibiting the photographs from 6 February to 12 April 2016. I have received support to print the A0, 1.2m x 0.8m, prints but they need to be mounted on Diabond, an aluminium substrate, at a total cost of nearly £1400. I am paying some of this myself but need your support to reach the target. Please help to see the exhibition realised by supporting the Kickstarter project

This project will only be funded if at least £700 is pledged by

Cement works, Derbyshire

Cement works, Derbyshire

My work centres on human interaction with the landscape – the way that people shape the land and the land shapes people. This inevitably challenges the idea of pristine, ‘natural’ landscape and the rural myth.

Current project
Living in a small rural community in the Peak District has caused me to question how the countryside is represented in terms of modern photography and popular culture. I am interested in how a particular and incomplete ‘image’ of the English landscape is used to sell and promote rural life and visits to the country.

See the Quarried page for more images and information.

crs (at) colinshaw.co.uk

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