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My work centres on the interaction of people and the landscape in which they live. In England there are threads of human existence dating back thousands of years. They may be easily visible or hidden under layers of habitation. The only constants are that people have always interacted with their surroundings and landscape is constantly changing.

Although I take scenic shots I do not consider myself to be landscape photographer preferring line, form and colour over the usual ‘view’. I often include the marks people make which are sometimes subtle and often brutal. They are all part of an inhabited, working landscape.

Portraits are also an important part of my work. People shape the land and the land shapes people. I am interested in photographing people from different places and backgrounds especially those who live and work in the rural.

Living in a small rural community in the Peak District has caused me to question how the countryside is represented in terms of modern photography and popular culture. I am interested in how a particular and incomplete ‘image’ of the English landscape is used to sell and promote rural life and visits to the countryside particularly national parks.


From “Quarried”

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